Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sisters P-Day

Our Sister Missionaries are amazing.  They work so hard and with the exception of the Visitor's Center missionaries, they don't often get the opportunity to spend time together.  Many of them didn't even know each other, so on a cloudy day in September we gathered together for soup and salad and visiting.  We even squeezed in a walk in Hyde Park.
We are so blessed to know these fine young women!

In front of the Albert Memorial.

Kensington Palace (where are Will and Kate???)

The Princess Diana Memorial Walk (Do you recognize any shoes?)

At the Peter Pan Statue- they are strong and brave, like Peter.
Thank you Sisters for such a fun day!

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  1. This is so exciting! Im glad i found your blog. I will be coming in two weeks! (after the mtc of course!) Im excited to meet you and President Jordan. -Sister McKaila Andersen