Monday, December 31, 2012

Really, it's like Enchanted here.....

One of my favorite stress relievers is a walk through Hyde Park.  We often walk past the Albert Memorial, over to Kensington Palace, past the pond, then on to the Peter Pan statue and then back to Exhibition Road.  It is a lovely walk, rain or shine (usually rain).

At home, in Utah, we have a really sweet dog, Scout.  Actually, she isn't so much sweet as she is just fun.  
 One of the hardest things for us was leaving her behind.
We really miss her.
I now have a pet squirrel.
I found her in Hyde Park.
She comes when I make a clicking sound.
I like to think she likes me-

Turns out she really just likes peanuts.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Note of Apology

I have been so far behind in my blogging, and for that I apologize.
 Now for the explanation.  
After MANY conversations with British Telephone (BT to you!) we have finally solved our internet problems.  It seems you need to update your router more often than every 10 years.  (Who Knew???)  Actually, we did ask about the router months ago and someone told us it was fine- (I will not name said person) but we weren't able to Skype or FaceTime with our children, set up an internet phone line, or .......upload photos to the blog without taking hours (something I don't have many of).
On Friday, the President (as he likes me to call him) got all important parties together and they discovered the problem (so old- they don't even want it back) and quickly replaced the router.  I am so happy.
(A BIG thank you to Martin!)
We were able to see our children (and adorable grandson) on Christmas (even our Scouty-dog opening her stocking) and now I am able to work on this blog.  Tonight I have gone back and picked up mostly, where I left off.  I promise to work hard at getting caught up with the important stuff and then when time permits,  I will go back and add more.  I hope you mothers will forgive me for not posting photos of your sons and daughters these past months, I will be better!
         We love our missionaries, they bring us such joy!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas....

In London on Christmas Day the transportation system shuts down.
Our wonderful senior couples provided those within walking distance of the mission office a big delicious Christmas morning breakfast.
The missionaries provided the entertainment.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Zach is Here!!!

Okay, I know that these pictures are blurry, but they tell a story.
Our son, Zach, returned from his mission four days before we left to begin our mission.
He is attending BYU and is going to be with us for Christmas.
We are so excited!
We got to the airport early to be at the gate, waiting for a great photo of him coming through the doors from Customs.
I stood, holding my camera pointing at the doors, for a LONG time.
I accidentally took a few blurry photos while waiting, then a little Asian woman came through the doors and looked a little lost.  I was watching her, making sure she got to her family when a voice said, "hey, Mom".
All that waiting for the perfect shot resulted in a very blurry picture of a wonderful boy standing right in front of me.

It doesn't matter.

He is here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Arrivals and Departures.....

The last transfer for the year brought us three new missionaries.
Sister Karyan from Armenia, Sister Sokolova from Russia and Elder Weinheimer from Utah.

Sister Karyan and her trainer, Sister King.
They will be serving in Bedford.

Sister Sokolova and her trainer, Sister Spencer.
They will be in the Visitor's Center.

Elder Weinheimer and his trainer, Elder Hansen.
They will be serving in Grays.

As always, it is incredibly hard to say goodbye to wonderful missionaries.
Sister Nilsson, Elder Campbell and Elder Silva will be returning to family and loved ones in Utah, Oregon and Brazil.  We send them home with love.
What a Merry Christmas they will have!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gingerbread Houses are not an English Tradition...who knew???

The Visitor's Center Sisters wanted to make Gingerbread houses for one of their p-day activities.  They had a great time and it felt a little bit like Christmas around here. 
I just wish the whole mission could have been here!
Good work Sisters!
(We were surprised to find out that they are not a common sight here in London...)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More Zone Conference...Hyde Park, Watford, and St. Albans

St. Albans, Watford and Hyde Park Zones

President Jordan did a great training on the Book of Mormon...

...contrary to the expressions on the missionaries faces.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How quickly they come around....Zone Conferences!


Ipswich and Norwich Zones

Lunch break
Elders Boysyuk, Curtis, and Lawrence

Sisters Vermeer, Brown, Spencer and Thorne

Elders Ward, Vogel, Alarcon, the eyes of Elder Biesinger, Elders Biondi and Onychuk. (and Sister Ernst's back.)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Driving out of London on a wintry night....

Not a lot of purpose to this post, just trying to get out of London to Ipswich for Zone Conferences the following morning.  I love Big Ben in the winter night.

We did have a miracle on our journey.  As we left town with our Assistants, Elder Baker was driving, and the steering seems a little off so he had Elder Flores get out of the car and check the tires.  Elder Flores couldn't see any problems so we headed to Ipswich, a couple of hours drive away on the motorway.  (The speed limit on the motorway is 70 mph.) Throughout the trip Elder Baker kept muttering under his breath about the steering and about 30 minutes from out destination I kept hearing odd sounds from the back of the car and it seemed the suspension was gone as we would go over bumps in the road.  When we arrived at the hotel President Jordan got out of the car to check us in while we waited.  When he returned I got out of the car and glanced down at the back tire to see it absolutely flat on the ground.  The tire was completely destroyed and how we made it from London without a problem is a miracle.  
I am so thankful for all of the prayers offered by missionaries and friends and family, tonight they were felt.