Monday, December 31, 2012

Really, it's like Enchanted here.....

One of my favorite stress relievers is a walk through Hyde Park.  We often walk past the Albert Memorial, over to Kensington Palace, past the pond, then on to the Peter Pan statue and then back to Exhibition Road.  It is a lovely walk, rain or shine (usually rain).

At home, in Utah, we have a really sweet dog, Scout.  Actually, she isn't so much sweet as she is just fun.  
 One of the hardest things for us was leaving her behind.
We really miss her.
I now have a pet squirrel.
I found her in Hyde Park.
She comes when I make a clicking sound.
I like to think she likes me-

Turns out she really just likes peanuts.


  1. Excited to have stumbled upon this blog. My daughter Amanda Jacobsmeyer has been called to serve in the England London mission and will be starting on April 4! I am one happy MOM! Thanks for writing about the mission. This is very inciteful for me!
    Natalie Jacobsmeyer

    1. And we are excited and looking forward to having her here!

  2. Matthew just told me about this blog. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I enjoyed looking through it and even seeing a few pictures of him! I loved hearing the history behind the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster--I had seen it before, but didn't know the story behind it. Just saying thanks will never be enough for all you do, but thanks!!!
    Pam Montgomery

  3. I think the squirrel likes you and the peanuts are just a bonus! :)