Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Note of Apology

I have been so far behind in my blogging, and for that I apologize.
 Now for the explanation.  
After MANY conversations with British Telephone (BT to you!) we have finally solved our internet problems.  It seems you need to update your router more often than every 10 years.  (Who Knew???)  Actually, we did ask about the router months ago and someone told us it was fine- (I will not name said person) but we weren't able to Skype or FaceTime with our children, set up an internet phone line, or .......upload photos to the blog without taking hours (something I don't have many of).
On Friday, the President (as he likes me to call him) got all important parties together and they discovered the problem (so old- they don't even want it back) and quickly replaced the router.  I am so happy.
(A BIG thank you to Martin!)
We were able to see our children (and adorable grandson) on Christmas (even our Scouty-dog opening her stocking) and now I am able to work on this blog.  Tonight I have gone back and picked up mostly, where I left off.  I promise to work hard at getting caught up with the important stuff and then when time permits,  I will go back and add more.  I hope you mothers will forgive me for not posting photos of your sons and daughters these past months, I will be better!
         We love our missionaries, they bring us such joy!

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