Wednesday, August 8, 2012

They are here....

And with the words "the bus is here" the excitement began.

 Taking luggage to the storage room.

Filling out papers whilst waiting for interviews with the President.
(Elders Titus, Jensen, and Zwane.)

Elders Resetco, Bentke, and Vogel.

As our new missionaries sang "Called to Serve"
their new companions came in and joined them...
 ...singing the second verse.

 Elder Titus and Elder Meek

 Elder Wilson and Elder Jensen

 Elder Dominguez and Elder Fernandes

 Elder Pollard and Elder Smith

Elder Rogers and Elder Vogel

 Elder Bentke and Elder Grove

 Elder Resetco and Elder Klobcic

Elder Wing and Elder Zwane
 Our new missionaries...
...with their trainers.

Ready - Set- Go!


  1. Dear Holly-

    What an absolutely wonderful website. It must be so fun for the families of these missionaries. I wish this would have been possible when I was on my mission----------oh yeah!, they had just discovered that the earth was round.

    I hope you are having a great time! I know things are so different there. But, at least, the McDonald's food tastes the same. And there is nothing like clotted cream and scones.

    May God bless you in His work.
    Jody Kirkwood

  2. How fun! I can only imagine their excitement of finally arriving. I was just thinking the same thing as Jody, how wonderful this is for the families of the missionaries!