Friday, February 8, 2013

A little touch of Spring...

Very cool discovery in London.  
Turns out that you can purchase cut daffodils in the local Sainsbury's that haven't bloomed, (frankly, they looked like cut green onions with a bud on the end) take them home and put in water, and two days later have this....who knew???
And all for one pound.
I am going back to Sainsbury's.

Happy Birthday Jenny- we love you!


  1. So fun to look at your blog and see what's in store for our son. Casey just got his call and will be coming on June 27. Thanks so much!

  2. Beautiful! My daughter Amanda Jacobsmeyer flies out to the mission on Wednesday (April 3, 2013) So excited for her and the adventure and experience of a lifetime. I am sending this blog address to my friend Stacey Murdock who has a son (Doug) there with you. Just found out last night that her son was in the London Mission, and that is exciting news, as she and I served our missions together in Sevilla Spain many years ago. The work moves forward, and this is an exciting time!
    Natalie Jacobsmeyer