Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dawn after the Storm

We had a big storm here in England this week.  It rained and blew all night.  I woke in the wee hours of the morning to the sound of the wind.  I looked out the windows into the darkness and could make out the outline of the trees bending to the force of the wind.  In the moment I didn't know how much more blowing we had ahead of us but I knew that we were safe and the storm would eventually pass and I crawled back into bed.
When I got up at 6:30 I walked into the kitchen and this was the view out the window to the east.  
Dawn had come and with it a stunning sunrise in the East.

Sometimes missionaries just feel like they are caught in a storm, with winds blowing and rain falling and darkness all around.  
But, if they will just hold on... 

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