Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Amazing Missionaries!

It is wonderful to finally be here in England.  We are still so jet lagged...it is crazy.  We have begun our zone visits and I can't believe how amazing our missionaries are.  They, without exception, have been so warm and kind to us.  We have met half of the zones and have taken photos of them.  I have yet to figure out good places to take the pictures indoors..I will be working on that...but for now, I will post the ones that I have.

The Hyde Park Zone
Starting at the back left- Elder and Sister Empey, Elder and Sister Sprouse,  (two of our fabulous Senior  Couples!) Then back row of Elders- Carder, Wolf, Cena, Hess, Ward, Montgomery, Shehee, Barber, Paramalingam,     
and President Jordan.  Second Row- Sisters Galang,  Buckley, Belnap (Watford Zone), Spencer, Tabor, Ritchel (Watford) and Wuthrich (Watford).  Bottom row- Elders Dongen, Fernandes, Larsen, Hlatshwayo, Brownlee, Alarcon, and Wing.

The St. Albans Zone
Back Row- Elders  Flores, Davis, Hansen, Meek, Mansfield, Ostermiller, Bensige, and President Jordan.  Front Row- Elders Burger, Santoro, Sisters Cleveland and Santos, and Elder Heno.

The Watford Zone
Back Row- President Jordan, Elders Shenjere, Yenchik, McCormack,Badger, Fesolai,Bush, and Giusti.  Front Row- Elders Sidamonidze, Crane, Jamieson, Granger, and Baker.

The Northampton Zone
Back Row-Elders Adler, Biesinger, Silva, Turner, Biondi, and Rimmer.  Middle Row- President Jordan, Elders White, Harris, Doudou, Tuiali'i, Sister Mills and Elder Mills. Front Row- Sisters Delgado, Huran, King and Brown.

These dedicated missionaries have already blessed our lives.  
We love them!


  1. It's fun to see your missionaries and President Jordan - wish I could see you, too!

  2. You have some super cute sisters in your mission!

  3. Sister King who's in the Northampton Zone is from the city I live in!! Tell her Lucy Kuhn (soon to be 'Sister Kuhn' serving in Leeds Mission) said hello and sends her love all the way from Adelaide, Australia :) x