Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Scene of the Crime

I have been having a little trouble figuring out the plumbing in our flat, Saturday night I never could fill the tub for a bath, but on Sunday I finally made some progress and made the water come out of the proper spout.
Monday morning was not to be a hair day, you women know what I mean.  I was just going to fill the tub for a quick bath (remember, I had just conquered this contraption the day before) so I could hurry over to the chapel to meet the St. Albans Zone for a meeting.  I leaned over the tub and turned the water on and that crazy thing on the top turned on and started flipping around all over the place.  I tried to grab it but it was moving around the tub like a snake and by the time I got it under control it had absolutely soaked me, head to toe.  nice.  
My quick morning routine was completely thrown off schedule.
I was late.
Not good.
Fortunately, President Jordan knows me well enough to take one look at my dripping head and walk away...
Smart man.


  1. Holly I am excited to keep up with your adventures. Thanks for always being such a caring aunt and great example. We wish you the very best these next few years.

    Lots of love!


  2. I am laughing - thank heavens for laughter! Ah the challenges . . . Love you!!

  3. Hello! I ran into your blog while on a missionary site. My son just arrived at the MTC in England. He will be serving 'next door' to you in the ELSM mission. He played lacrosse at BYU this year and when he first got his call his team mates thought he was going to the mission that your Husband was presiding over. Many a fond word were said about your husband to my son. All the best to you and yours.
    Sister Christine Mecham

  4. I was giggling as I pictured your ordeal! What fun it is following you :)

  5. So so sorry! I have a faucet just like it that I had installed in my master bath because we had seen one in Paris and I loved it. But I have been soaked more than once by the contraption and try to avoid the crazy thing when in a hurry.

    Loved talking to you today!

  6. I am laughing so hard. I can picture it perfectly in my head!