Monday, July 23, 2012

Do you love your companion?

We started interviews last week, at the beginning of each interview President Jordan asked, "Elder, do you love you companion?"  To which, everyone responded, "Yes, I do!"
"Then," President Jordan asks, "will you serve your companion and polish his shoes?"
It has been so wonderful talking to the missionaries  and learning about them and their families as they have served their companion and polished his or her shoes.  
I am awfully glad that my Dad taught me how to polish his shoes (every Saturday night!) so I could guide more than a few through the process!

We have the best missionaries in the church!

Elder Boysyuk trying to hide from the camera- Elders Barber and Strombom are sitting beside him.

Elder Dongen preparing to polish Elder Carder's shoes while Elder Carder is visiting with President Jordan!

I am sitting with Elder Dongen with a blanket over me------freezing.
(This is how I interviewed most of the missionaries- me and a blanket.
This is the coldest July I have ever experienced!)

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! And love you and your blanket! There's a talk in there . . . it will be usable at the perfect moment!