Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Olympic Treat!

The Two Zones closest to the Hyde Park Chapel had a real treat on Monday.  Vai Sikahema, a former BYU Football(the American variety) star,  National Football League pro-bowler,and Olympic Sportscaster was here in London covering the Olympics and very graciously accepted an invitation to speak with our missionaries.   

His son, Trey, was a missionary here in our mission, and returned to London with his father.  Trey is currently a teacher at the MTC in Provo and spoke with great enthusiasm to our missionaries and introduced his Dad.  




President Sikahema's (he is currently serving in a Stake Presidency in Philadelphia) tender testimony and love for missionary work was an inspiration to all.

 Thank you for sharing the afternoon with us!


  1. AWESOME!! Look how happy David looks - beaming!

  2. How cool! What a great opportunity for the elders & sisters.

  3. Dear Holly-

    Thank you so much for this blog and your updates on fb. Mark and I are living vicariously through you and David. You look so happy and sound so busy.

    We visited England not long after we were married. We were there for three glorious weeks. I have never felt so at home as when we were there. I love the churches, etc. that identify a 250 year old addition as the new chapel or library. I love the history and the permanace. And I absolutely adore the gardens. The flowers are extraordinary. Of course, not enough can be said about the gloriousity of the temple that is Harrod's. I also loved Hampton Court. We were there is early spring and they had what seemed to be a million tulips. They were all black (well, very dark purple--but, it seemed important to the gardeners that they were black). You know the old saying "When in Rome". My favorite place is Windsor. The place is like a wonderful bit of heaven.

    Are you able to do any sight-seeing at all? I hope you do.

    How wonderful for you both to be in such a beautiful place doing the most wonderful thing we can do on this earth---bringing others the joy of the Gospel.

    Now, please remember, if you need a 2 week or 2 year vacation. We would be more than happy to come over and "help you out". Of course, it would be a great sacrifice--but, that's just the kind of friends we are.

    Please keep blogging and posting as much as you can. It helps us not to be so "homesick".

    BTW---I totally love the keep calm and carry on. What a fabulous motto---even without the extraordinary historical reference.

    Best of luck.

    Jody Kirkwood

  4. I am Elder Rogers mom and Vai is a good high school friend of mine. It's too bad Elder Rogers wasn't there to hear him speak. That would have been a wonderful treat for him. Thank you for keeping this blog. I LOVE keeping up with what the mission is doing (while I look for pictures of my son, of course). :o)